Restaurant Review: Arterra

At the bottom of a lovely overpriced Marriot hotel is the hip, modern and swanky restaurant/ bar/ patio lounge known as Arterra, with a fresh sushi bar and tight shirted waitresses and live music and hip low furniture and dark […]


Restaurant Review: Hunter’s Steakhouse

Usually, when I walk into a restaurant and I detect a faint moldy smell that’s about the time when I head for the door.  But Hunter’s Steakhouse is a historic landmark here in San Diego and how could I resist […]


Restaurant Review: Bite of Boston

You know, any day when you have to ask “Do I have lobster stuck in my teeth?” is a good day.  For me, that day was when I ate at Bite of Boston in beautiful La Jolla in San Diego.  […]


Restaurant Review: Max Brenner Las Vegas

You have to be in a particularly special state of mind to go into an all-dessert restaurant. I don’t mean it’s after dinner and you just want dessert. I mean the kind of restaurant where the owner has such a […]


Restaurant Review: McCormick & Schmicks

McCormick & Schmicks is one of those dark beefy places serving strong drinks with irrelevant descriptions and lighting too dark to see what you’re eating or what your date looks like.  One of those places that you can expect to find […]


Food Fight Radio – October 6, 2013

On this week’s episode of Food Fight Radio…

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Restaurant Review: The Urge Gastropub


So away in a tiny hamlet in beautiful Rancho Bernardo in our gorgeous hometown of San Diego where the weather is always great and everyone else in every other city wishes they were here — meaning we’re always inundated with tourists, taking our parking spaces and cloggin up our freeways — is an itty bitty tucked away place: The Urge Gastropub. A look into the word gastropub here- we all know what a pub is, but by adding the very unappetizing and even embarrassing word ‘gastro’, we introduce a whole new way for food people to make themselves seem better than they are… it’s a pub… that also has some food. Read more »

Cooking with Soda?

Why not? How about:

  • Chocolate Coke cake
  • Dr Pepper pork  (add some to the simmer sauce or braising liquid, sweeter and stickier)
  • 7-Up salad dressing
  • Root beer reduction sauce (great with salmon)
  • Grape soda cupcakes
  • Root beer cookies

You can also add your favorite soda to marinades and BBQ sauces.

Food Fight Radio – September 29, 2013

On this week’s episode of Food Fight Radio…

  • Amanda the Coffee Snob returns
  • Cooking with coffee
  • Tenderest meats and what you can do with that box of baking soda

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Restaurant Review: Gallaghers New York


So, I’m sure every one of us has eaten at a really expensive super fancy steak restaurant, where the steak comes as a seared hunk all by itself on a super hot plate and if you want a vegetable you have to pay for it separately as a side dish? Yeah, I love those places! In fact, I live for those places. Sometimes I dream about those places!  Mmm a la carte meat..

This time, the mechanism for our meat madness was the Glorious Gallaghers New York!!! … The small one in Las Vegas. Read more »