Claire-ification: Cupcakes

I know you’re tired of the cupcake thing – I am.  You think it’s played out right?  If you talk to those people who line up around the block standing in line waiting for 4 hours to pay $8 for […]


Restaurant Review: Whisknladle

The atmosphere at Whisknladle on Wall Street in La Jolla is probably the best example of laid back, classy-casual dining, maybe in the whole city.  The covered patio is just gorgeous and airy yet comfortable and cozy- read: “romantic”.  They […]


Restaurant Review: Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

Dim sum (literally meaning: touch the heart) was originally not a main meal, only a snack, however it has become a staple in the diets of foodies across the world.


Claire-ification: To Bee or Not to Bee

If you’ve ever been stuck at a table next to a die-hard vegan who thinks bees are forced labor and they should sue the human race for honey theft, bee movie style? I know I have!   Well this oughta help you deal […]


Food Fight Radio Challenge! New York Pizza vs. Chicago Pizza

Its New York verses Chicago in the battle for the best pizza! Some of the best New York Style pizza can be had at Knockout Pizza in Mira Mesa in San Diego, it’s quick, tasty and has some imaginative toppings […]


Restaurant Review: Harry’s Coffee Shop La Jolla


Nestled between two equally decades old shops in the tiny town within a town of La Jolla San Diego, is a cute little diner names Harry’s Coffee Shop that’s been serving homey meals for 53 years.  More than half a century.

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Claire-ification: Living the American Dream


So that mentality that we had when we were just a bunch of Colonials with pitchforks and we got mad and kicked the collective butts of those that were ordering us around and oppressing us?  Do you really want to admit that that mentality, that freedom thinking mindset, that strength is gone?

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Presto Pesto



How to make a quick and easy pesto:

In a food processor, coarsely chop 2 cups basil; add 1/2 cup olive oil and pulse until smooth.

Technically, you’ve just made pesto.

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Silkie Chicken

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Silkies are named for their silky fluffy white feathers, but they have black skin, black meat and black bones. Looks amazing on a dinner plate or in a soups, hot pots, stir fries, confit, anything that will highlight the chicken and not bury it.

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Food Fight Radio Challenge! Best Burger in San Diego

Recently on the show we reviewed Fuddruckers, home of the exotics, featuring a topping bar and elk and bison and kobe burgers.  With liquid cheese by the barrel-full and an awesome dining room full of Americana, this experience was fun and fabulous.  They have a very sterile looking onsite butcher shop, which tickles my caveman bone, and also their own bakery with giant fresh cookies, brownies and the like.  Their huge, tender, juicy exotic burgers landed them a spot as a contender in this glorious challenge.

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