Claire-ification: Cupcakes

I know you’re tired of the cupcake thing – I am.  You think it’s played out right?  If you talk to those people who line up around the block standing in line waiting for 4 hours to pay $8 for […]


Restaurant Review: Whisknladle

The atmosphere at Whisknladle on Wall Street in La Jolla is probably the best example of laid back, classy-casual dining, maybe in the whole city.  The covered patio is just gorgeous and airy yet comfortable and cozy- read: “romantic”.  They […]


Restaurant Review: Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

Dim sum (literally meaning: touch the heart) was originally not a main meal, only a snack, however it has become a staple in the diets of foodies across the world.


Claire-ification: To Bee or Not to Bee

If you’ve ever been stuck at a table next to a die-hard vegan who thinks bees are forced labor and they should sue the human race for honey theft, bee movie style? I know I have!   Well this oughta help you deal […]


Food Fight Radio Challenge! New York Pizza vs. Chicago Pizza

Its New York verses Chicago in the battle for the best pizza! Some of the best New York Style pizza can be had at Knockout Pizza in Mira Mesa in San Diego, it’s quick, tasty and has some imaginative toppings […]


Interview with Charles Mattocks


We interview Charles Mattocks, nephew of Bob Marley, chef and cookbook author. His cookbooks are full of tasty recipes for people with diabetes.  He’s knowledgeable and honestly, he’s a real peach. The Marley family only produced the one great singer, but his nephew can really cook.  He’s on a mobile tour and he’s all over the place promoting his book. Check it out!

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Restaurant Review – Pacifica Breeze Cafe


We dined at Pacifica Breeze Cafe recently, mostly because it was a gorgeous day in San Diego and also because they have a full bar.  I was feeling breakfast-y, and this turned out to be a terrific place to get a hearty brunch.

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Claire-ification: Other People’s Homes


Why would you ever ruin a perfectly good superficial relationship by going into someone’s home.  It’s like a client or work associate.  They’re pretty much normal, they’re professional, you’ve even had lunch with them and they seem fine.  You look forward to the possibilities, the after work drinks, the golf games, the bbqs and of course the referrals…

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Dave the Vitamin Guy – Gallstones and Kidney Stones


Gallstones and kidney stones.  They’re a pain in the…well never mind. There are four types of them. Dave the Vitamin Guy shares what you need to know about kidney stones and how to prevent them. Read more »

Restaurant Review: The Palms


On a recent mid-week trip to Las Vegas, we made plans to stop at a landmark restaurant: The Palms.

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