Claire-ification: Cupcakes

I know you’re tired of the cupcake thing – I am.  You think it’s played out right?  If you talk to those people who line up around the block standing in line waiting for 4 hours to pay $8 for […]


Restaurant Review: Whisknladle

The atmosphere at Whisknladle on Wall Street in La Jolla is probably the best example of laid back, classy-casual dining, maybe in the whole city.  The covered patio is just gorgeous and airy yet comfortable and cozy- read: “romantic”.  They […]


Restaurant Review: Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

Dim sum (literally meaning: touch the heart) was originally not a main meal, only a snack, however it has become a staple in the diets of foodies across the world.


Claire-ification: To Bee or Not to Bee

If you’ve ever been stuck at a table next to a die-hard vegan who thinks bees are forced labor and they should sue the human race for honey theft, bee movie style? I know I have!   Well this oughta help you deal […]


Food Fight Radio Challenge! New York Pizza vs. Chicago Pizza

Its New York verses Chicago in the battle for the best pizza! Some of the best New York Style pizza can be had at Knockout Pizza in Mira Mesa in San Diego, it’s quick, tasty and has some imaginative toppings […]


Food Fight Radio – February 3rd, 2013 Part 1

On today’s episode…

  • That stomach flu is probably food poisoning
  • Weeds you can eat
  • The best ways to cook foie
  • Backyard chickens

Articles mentioned in this episode:

Food Fight Radio – Episode 2 – Part 1

On today’s episode of Food Fight Radio

  • We discuss the topic of “manliness” and how you can make yourself more manly
  • Weird eating disorders

Top 4 Favorite Melons


It’s getting to be that time of year when your options for local, seasonal fruits are either apples or…apples. Citrus growers haven’t gotten a really tasty crop yet, and 90 percent of what’s in your grocery store has been shipped in from far, far away, devoid of any taste or nutrition. But, unless you’re branching out to specialty grocery stores, you could be missing out on some of the most nutritious, unique fruits—grown in the U.S.—that are available this time of year. Certain varieties of tropical and citrus fruits, which are grown somewhat locally in places like Florida and Hawaii, have the highest levels of heart-healthy antioxidants of any fruit, so you can still make your heart happy without having to pollute the planet with fruit flown in from another hemisphere.

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Top 11 Food Tips to Make You More Manly


Forget oysters and powdered rhino horn; oysters? Pleh. Improving your romantic life is a lot simpler than tracking down esoteric, disgusting—not to mention mostly unproven—aphrodisiacs. In fact, you’re probably eating many of the vitamins and nutrients that support a robust romantic life right now, just not in sufficient quantities.

These dos and don’ts will not only improve your romantic life, they’ll improve your overall health as well.

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