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Restaurant Review: Arterra


At the bottom of a lovely overpriced Marriot hotel is the hip, modern and swanky restaurant/ bar/ patio lounge known as Arterra, with a fresh sushi bar and tight shirted waitresses and live music and hip low furniture and dark wood and all male bartenders and pretty much the entire list of everything you should look for in a night-time hot spot.  Enjoying a comfy seat outdoors by a lovely fire spouting out of a pile of jagged cut glass, we surveyed the menu and drink offerings for some time before finally managing to get a server, who then pretty much ignored us from then on.  After moving to the inside which was cozy and full, we commandeered a table after again getting left to our own devices.  Read more »

Restaurant Review: Hunter’s Steakhouse


Usually, when I walk into a restaurant and I detect a faint moldy smell that’s about the time when I head for the door.  But Hunter’s Steakhouse is a historic landmark here in San Diego and how could I resist a place voted best prime rib in town by Earl, their manager.  That’s the mildew smell of our ancestors, likely the ones buried in the back yard.. and it reminds you of a time in our rich American history when if the help got frisky with the landsman’s daughter he’d be hacked to bits and bricked up in the walls. Read more »

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

Happy Thanksgivukkah!