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Restaurant Review: Whisknladle


The atmosphere at Whisknladle on Wall Street in La Jolla is probably the best example of laid back, classy-casual dining, maybe in the whole city.  The covered patio is just gorgeous and airy yet comfortable and cozy- read: “romantic”.  They have these great storm curtains, I’ve been there for lunch during a storm and it was one of the best afternoons I think I’ve ever spent.

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Restaurant Review: Jasmine Seafood Restaurant


Dim sum (literally meaning: touch the heart) was originally not a main meal, only a snack, however it has become a staple in the diets of foodies across the world.

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Food Fight Radio Challenge! New York Pizza vs. Chicago Pizza


Its New York verses Chicago in the battle for the best pizza!

Some of the best New York Style pizza can be had at Knockout Pizza in Mira Mesa in San Diego, it’s quick, tasty and has some imaginative toppings and most will agree- when out for a quick lunch- there are few things that hit the spot like a nice hot slice of cheesy pizza.  So when you argue about the pizza that people like and love and are super loyal to- you’re starting a war!

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Restaurant Review – Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria


Pizza Hut.  Papa Johns. Dominos. (Little Caesars doesn’t even count because it’s actually cardboard); all these places are inferior! You here me? Inferior! It’s pizza like a frozen entree is a gourmet meal.  Thick crust? Pleh! Thin layer of toppings? Pleh, a weak little layer of cheese you can see the sauce breaking through because it’s not a thorough cheese coverage?  All scatter-y like tossing seeds to a flock of birds! Lame!

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Restaurant Review: Shakespeare Pub & Grille


When was the last time you walked into a real authentic pub? Do you even know what that means?  Like when you’re dog tired and you need a stiff drink and a basket of chips (that’s what the English call fries).  I know the feeling.  Walking into a bar is not the same feeling at all.

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