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Cherry the Wonder Berry

Change your life with cherry juice? Click the cherry link to find out what our friends at The Huffington Post have to say.

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What NOT to Eat

Yes, we’re serious…

Woman, 63, ‘becomes PREGNANT in the mouth’ with baby squid after eating calamari

  • Woman was ‘eating when she felt a prickling sensation in her mouth’
  • She was chewing ‘sperm sacks’, which forcefully shoot sperm
  • Sperm in turn try to embed themselves when they land
  • But have no fear in the West… Squid’s internal organs are (generally) removed before serving

Squid Sperm – Top of the “What Not to Eat” list

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What NOT to do with a Banana


Was That You?: How to Make a Stinky Cheese Plate


At this point in your life it is imperative that you have a trusted cheese man, someone at a good market you can go to who knows what you like and who can recommend things for your tastes.  A cheese man- if you don’t have one, get one!

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Interview with Charles Mattocks


We interview Charles Mattocks, nephew of Bob Marley, chef and cookbook author. His cookbooks are full of tasty recipes for people with diabetes.  He’s knowledgeable and honestly, he’s a real peach. The Marley family only produced the one great singer, but his nephew can really cook.  He’s on a mobile tour and he’s all over the place promoting his book. Check it out!

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