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Claire-ification: Living the American Dream


So that mentality that we had when we were just a bunch of Colonials with pitchforks and we got mad and kicked the collective butts of those that were ordering us around and oppressing us?  Do you really want to admit that that mentality, that freedom thinking mindset, that strength is gone?

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Claire-ification: Cook Your Own Steak Restaurants


A while back my husband and I were in the mood for a nice steak.  If you’ve heard this show before, this will come as no surprise to you.  And there happened to be a nice looking place that we’d driven by a dozen times but for some reason never visited.

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Claire-ification: Gluten Intolerance


In this week’s Claire-ification, Claire tackles the issue of seemingly the entire world saying they have a gluten intolerance.

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Claire-ification: Berries and Chocolate Desserts


I don’t understand why chocolate desserts should include raspberries or other minds of annoying berries with the pesky seeds or the odd tart flavor that always seems to conflict with the sweet enveloping awesomeness that is a well done chocolate dessert.  Intrusions of that type spoil the dessert.  Leave the chocolate alone, it was doing fine by itself.

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Claire-ification: Las Vegas


A couple things about Las Vegas…

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